Application Development Management

O rganizations rely on their applications to deliver superior service. This consequently leads to improved overall performance of the organization. However, developing new applications and maintaining the existing ones can lead to high expenditure for the organization. In order to minimize these costs, organizations need to decide the following:

Al TOMOUH application development and maintenance services offer many services to improve the return on IT spent. We offer an innovative approach for maintaining new and existing applications and provide the following services:


Once we develop the applications, we ensure that we train the organization’s key personnel on how to utilize the application. We follow various methodologies based on the solutions that we implement and the client’s business processes. Once the key personnel are trained, they would be able to train their staff on it and hence incorporate certain processes for learning the application.

Development and Customization

AL TOMOUH proposes to have an implementation team .The team will work towards developing an implementation plan. It will customise the developed platform as per the stated functional scope and freshly develop the new functionality for the portal.

Coding/ GUI design implementation

AL TOMOUH design team ensures that implementation of the approved design base is executed in an organised and efficient manner. Quality Assurance Tool kits comprising of effective QA tools like checklists, templates, standards, and code generators ensure that quality and intent of the product are always focused.

Any modifications in the implementation will undergo structured configuration, management methodology and appropriate design change control methodology.

For every unit customized / newly developed, we will prepare the test plan, test specifications, test data. Using these, our development team will conduct the unit test.