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Solution Overview

AL TOMOUH Service Manager is focused to help various service departments within an organization or government ministry to achieve extra-ordinary levels of service and monitor the Service Levels to ensure good and timely service is provided to the end customers. As the solution is powered by iOffice Platform, it is available in open source technologies, easy to implement and commission within an enterprise or department of a government ministry or agency.

The modular architecture allows it to be implemented small in one division of an organization and expand it to rest of the organization. AL TOMOUH provides flexibility to our customers in implementing the solution in a bottom up approach (Section-Division-Department-Organization) to ensure the buy-in from the users and institutionalizing across department and the organization as whole.

  • Solution Overview :- iService allows you to keep a track of all incidents.
  • Asset management :- Keep track of Hardware/Software Inventory. View all issues and alerts associated with a particular asset allowing technicians to effectively spot trends and review past issue resolutions.
  • Change Management :- Minimize the impact of daily changes by ensuring that a set of standardized processes are established and followed.
  • Ticket Lifecycle Management :- Manage the lifecycle of help desk tickets completely from creation to close. Tickets can be created from templates, converted from emails, through the self-service web portal or from automated network alerts.
  • SLA Management :- Service Manager sends remainders and reports to all the concerned staff based on SLA.
  • Configuration Management :- Provide ITSM Compliance by integrating CMDB to Service Manager Enterprise.
  • Interactive Dashboards :- Availability of searching capability on various document formats (doc, pdf, ppt, ..) files. With advanced options as searching for a keyword, full text… and so on mechanisms
  • Arabic Language Support :- Product supports both English and Arabic, which caters to Middle East market especially the government organizations.
  • Mobile/WAP/SMS Enabled :- Service Manager is accessible via Mobile/WAP and integrates with a unified communications platform for SMS, Fax and email notifications.
  • Automated Escalation :- Tickets are automatically routed or escalated as needed based on custom business rules. Once resolved, end users are automatically notified and resolution details can be added to knowledge base articles.