Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

A majority of the world’s population has become mobile. Making your organization mobile has become mandatory in order to retain and acquire new customers. Customers today expect instant interactions and user friendly mobile applications which can be accessed easily. This consequently leads to organizational transformation and influences how your organization operates. The immense penetration of mobile technology makes it faster to access information, is cost effective and provides enhanced capabilities that will contribute towards improved and better business results. These solutions can be adopted by organizations to enhance their organizational performance further. Through mobility solutions, it is possible to empower and engage customers, employees and stakeholders in innovative ways.

What we do :-

AL TOMOUH provides end-to-end mobility solutions and services. Our mobility solutions include comprehensive content, technology and device expertise that offer an enhanced digital experience for the users. These can deliver extraordinary impact across your organization and transform transactions related to the business and customers. We offer the following services:

  • Device testing
  • D2C (Direct to Consumer)
  • Platform services
  • Enterprise solutions

Our solutions enable users to stay connected on any device from anywhere and at any time. We define, design, develop and maintain mobility solutions that are integrated, collaborative and interactive. We also develop solutions that are customized and can enhance your organization’s growth.


Our applications support both the desktop systems and mobile devices. We are taking enterprise mobility to the next level by incorporating advanced technologies. Most of our applications can be configured for all mobile devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Mobile apps

Being connected has become imperative for most organizations in order to sustain the highly competitive environment that exists today. Mobile connectivity has emerged as a phenomenon and has significantly improved customer relationship management for most organizations.

The need for mobility

It has several benefits including acquiring new customers, improving current customer engagements and being aware of your customer requirements on a regular basis. It has transformed the way most businesses operate and function today. Having seamless connectivity is the key to enhancing your presence and to improvise your operations on a periodic basis. This will ultimately result in customer satisfaction and help retain them in the long run. It is also important in order to counter the existing competition which is increasing continuously as more and more organizations are adopting applications that can help them attain a mobile platform for their organizations.

Potentially powerful
  • Mobiles have the potential to reach millions of people throughout the globe in a short span of time. It is therefore extremely powerful for marketers to employ for advertising and promotional needs.
  • With the revolution of social media, mobile applications have gained immense importance. In a way, social media has triggered the potential of mobile applications and enabled them to become so popular.
  • When compared to any medium of advertising, mobile marketing is the most powerful since it can reach millions of customers in a span of seconds. It is therefore a fast, powerful and an impactful way to market a product or service.
  • The introduction of smart phones has also drastically transformed the marketing sphere. Marketing has become so much faster, efficient and convenient.