Infrastructure Services

Transform and compete

With the intensely competitive environment that exists today, organizations are seeking to transform their IT infrastructure services. To overcome the competition and also gain a competitive edge, it becomes important to analyse the organizational processes periodically and adopt continuous measures that can streamline processes and upgrade the existing IT infrastructure. A periodic review of your organization will help you understand what areas need modifications. Improving these areas will help achieve efficiency and improved scalability.

The needs in the IT segment are fast changing with the intrusion of big data, increased scope of mobility and the cloud. To meet these requirements, we need to come up with:

What we do

AL TOMOUH can help you develop and manage IT infrastructure that is highly reliable and robust. This will enable you to meet the changing business requirements effectively and hence achieve an improved overall performance of the firm. Our infrastructure management solutions can transform your organization and help achieve more streamlined processes and better scalability.

Our services can deliver the resources and capabilities that are required to assess, design, develop and manage an agile and flexible IT environment.

Hardware support and maintenance

AL TOMOUH provides the best support and maintenance services to our customers. We always value their inputs and ideas and thereby incorporate them in to our operations so that we can serve them in the best way.

Warranty Information

Our consultants will provide warranty support after ‘go-live’ and with minimal knowledge transition required. We use all the best practices to provide excellent services during the stabilization phase. The primary objective of this phase is to provide the necessary resources, during which any bugs, anomalies, discrepancies, design deficiency, which may not have been uncovered during customization, implementation, and rollout, testing and/or User Acceptance Testing(UAT), can be discovered, documented and corrected. We will provide second level of support for all users of the new system.