VAT Solutions

VAT Solutions

S ultanate of Oman is set to introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) in early 2021 according to Government of Oman sources. Oman would be the fourth of six Arab Gulf states to introduce VAT as part of a 2016 VAT Union Agreement.

For companies trading locally or across international borders, understanding and managing their foreign VAT obligations presents a costly compliance headache. Add to this language barriers and the risks of fines or delayed sales, and the burden can seem overwhelming. AL TOMOUH’s VAT compliance software & services will help organizations implement VAT smoothly and also minimize the risk and cost of compliance.

AL TOMOUH’s comprehensive VAT compliance products & services for the GCC counties include:

VAT Reporting& Analysis:

VAT Reporting allows companies to file their VAT Returns and other indirect tax compliance reports in 35 countries, including all the GCC member states.It is automatically populated on a daily basis with sales and purchase transaction data directly from your accounting/ERP system. Powerful data checking and validation identifies possible errors and anomalies that can usually be fixed within the taxation period rather than requiring adjustments to the returns.VAT returns are submitted electronically to meet compliance with individual countries’ specific filing formats. Returns can also be displayed and saved in PDF format in the Arabic language or translated to English.

VAT Expert:

Drawing from its extensive online library of EU & GCC VAT regulations, AL TOMOUH VAT Expert gives companies the ability to identify the correct VAT treatment for a broad range of transactions. And because VAT Expert is a cloud-based solution that requires no integration with in-house systems, it’s fast and easy to use.

VAT Registration & returns:

At the heart of our service is our automated VAT compliance software. Our VAT professionals along with our partner network use it to process all your transactions through over 100 VAT compliance checks. This ensures your treatment and calculations of VAT are highly accurate across all your transactions and countries.

Tax Excise:

Ensuring tax compliance for your supply chain is daunting. Errors in tax determination can lead to financial loss and affect supplier/customer relationships. AL TOMOUH Excise covers transactional tax compliance for all aspects of the fuel product, including manufacturing, supply, distribution, retail and trading. It is the preferred solution of many of the world’s largest petrochemical companies.

Cross-border eCommerce:

Online shopping has made the retail world smaller than ever before. From a customer’s point of view, a click is a click, whether shopping domestically or internationally. But for an online seller, expanding into global markets means a host of new considerations and inherent complexity. Rather than relying on error-prone manual processes or multiple, siloed tax systems, use our Cross-Border to calculate VAT, GST, customs duties as well as sales and use tax.