Effective centres of excellence enable managing complex business tasks effectively. They are teams that possess specialized expertise and develop as well as promote best practices in their area of expertise. These areas may include:

Centres of excellence which are effective can achieve cost reduction as well as improved performance in their area of focus.

Excellence Redefined

We have several COEs that focus on providing continuous support and on-going innovations that help us serve our customers better. We excel in various areas that are constantly faced with technological advancements. These COEs have helped us enhance our competence in several areas and hence enabled us to provide the best of services to our customers.

Our existing COEs

We believe excellence is improving the process of process improvement. Centres of excellence enable us to do exactly this. A Centre of excellence for us isn’t just about process improvement; it’s about collecting the best ideas throughout the organization so that the skills and experience of all the employees can be leveraged. Our team of dedicated and talented professionals that constantly strive to achieve the best results and thereby provide the best services to customers help enhance the existing COEs further.