With iArchive, Speed up your processes, lower your risks and operational costs
Solution Overview

iArchive is an essential software suite designed to convert paper files and records into the electronic format. Business and organizations equipped with iArchive can effortlessly scan all their previous and existing paper documents into the digital format while allowing effective indexing.

Countries around the world have updated legislation to allow replacing expensive paper archives with digital archives. Provided the original documents are digitally signed during the scanning and archive process. The global move towards digital archives is expected to allow companies to reduce expenses. Before legislation changes, companies were obliged to manage or outsource expensive physical archiving in order to comply with the requirement to present original documents during legal dispute. The solution is designed for digitizing paper documents and makes them available at a click of a mouse button. It has an exclusively designed ONE Screen Application style. No need to go through multiple menus for achieving a simple task. The bottom line is “KEPT IT SIMPLE”.

With years of experience in providing Digital Archiving Services for ministries and from medium sized to large size organizations we know that the key requirements are for creating a successful Archiving Software. Some of the special features of iArchive include: Import bulk image files, index it any time, follow up a document, trace back the follow up history, support multiple image types, classify and differentiate pages into multiple sections, and manipulate the images at a single mouse click.

iArchive is available in four different editions. The number of operating licenses changes with each edition. Use the iArchive comparison table to choose the edition that best suits your needs. All editions are easily upgradeable as your business grows.

iArchive Packages

iArchive comes in four complete packages to best fit your business needs. All packages combine powerful document management workflow and process capabilities to drive your content-related tasks and activities. You can take advantage of AL TOMOUH special iArchive Lite Kit, which includes software plus a high end workstation and document scanner.

  • Eliminate file storage
  • Instant file access
  • Faster document search facility
  • Will help you reduce your service response time
  • Multiple user levels
  • Multilingual support (Available in Arabic and can be configured for any official language)
  • Document Security
  • A document can be viewed, printed, updated, or exported at a click of the mouse
  • Reduce physical paper maintenance
  • Save your organization a lot of money, space and energy
  • Using iArchive access to information can be controlled down to an individual level, giving individuals access to do specific tasks that are relevant to their role.