The revolutionary technology blockchain began with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin but has since expanded beyond the worlds of finance and banking. With a slew of new businesses and applications built on the technology, these industries now represent a mass decentralization that will soon impact the whole world. This decentralized model is already relevant for blockchain-based solutions such as cloud storage, payment processing, content distribution and cybersecurity.

Blockchain has moved from hype to real-world implementation, with enterprises racing to unlock the distributed ledger technology’s business value. With over 25 years of next-gen technology expertise, AL TOMOUH along with specialized partnersare uniquely positioned to help businesses realize the true benefits of enterprise blockchain from consulting to optimization.

AL TOMOUH has invested heavily in delivering the value of blockchain beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Today, we help our customers create enterprise blockchain solutions from scratch as well as integrate enterprise IT ecosystems to external blockchains.

Our implementation expertise:

Integrating Cryptocurrency Transactions:- Any application or website that either sells products, charges membership or subscription fees, accepts donations, or any other kind of payment, can benefit enormously by having a cryptocurrency payment gateway integrated into it.

Smart contracts:- The use of smart contracts, offers companies access to an enormous range of tools to improve their projects. Smart contracts allow for legally binding agreements to be drawn up between two or more separate parties.These contracts allow for a much greater level of anonymity and remove the need for a 3rd party, such as a lawyer, for example, to help execute the transaction.

Integrating Smart Devices with IoT:- The other really interesting avenue, which we are exploring in regards to blockchain integration into our projects at the current time, is securing IoT networks. IoT allows networks of smart devices to be interconnected to help benefit the users from this interconnectivity.

Blockchain-based ID protection:- Adding a blockchain-based ID solution will not only help ensure the security, but will also reassure customers that they are in safe hands when using your product.