An Automated Prison
Solution Overview

An automated prison management system provides automates all functions to ensure due process the necessary documentation of all inmate activities. With ePrison from AL TOMOUH, prison can function at optimal performance levels.

AL TOMOUH ePrison is a reliable solution used by government and officials, such as the Royal Oman Police in Oman in an effort to provide more efficient law enforcement data management; they chose AL TOMOUH to provide them with the technology they needed to achieve this goal. The solution includes a wide variety of features to help make the entire management process more efficient. Whether it’s performing classifications, logging inmate visitations, keeping track of inmate movement, or providing the tools needed to create prison-related events, the solution can deliver the performance you expect. It also helps you maintain efficient operations by maintaining a log that audits prison management activities.

The solution help increase data management processes through automation. From eliminating duplicate data entry to simplifying prison management procedures such as screening, classification, and organization of inmate medical records, our solutions improve prison management efficiency. Law enforcement officials working with an automated prison management system from AL TOMOUH will enjoy an increase in efficiency that non-automated systems may not be able to provide. The ability of the solution to efficiently collect, analyze, and coordinate inmate information plays a vital role in the effectiveness of how a Prison is run.

AL TOMOUH ePrison thoroughly and consistently documents inmate activities and criminal history, and gives you easy access with the help of a shared database for records and prison management.