Simplified Visa Processing
Solution Overview

eVisa solution is to enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability of Visa issuance covering end to end process that includes:

  • Visa Application
  • Application Processing
  • Validation of applicant identity
  • Issuance of all types of Visas applicable in a country
  • Blacklist
  • Change sponsor
  • Notification
  • Visa Extension
  • Visa renewal
  • Visa Sticker
  • Visa Cancelation etc.

eVisa is an integrated solution built in a modular fashion so that while each application can exist as a separate entity, it will also be well integrated with other application areas so that they work seamlessly as part of the eNation platform or any other legacy application or the system. An open source technology based solution provides flexibility to the countries to adopt the solutions in a gradual manner or in a full blown mode as per their convenience. The solution is highly configurable, easy to implement with minimal administrative activity or maintenance effort.

How can eVisa help you?
  • A communication channel for application and processing of various types of Visas
  • Automates currently manual or semi-automatic key Visa processes
  • Online submission of Visa application submission
  • Pre-Validation of Visa application by shifting data to the users
  • Online approvals and clearances
  • Electronic and Online Visa Clearance Receipt (VCR) and printing
  • Easy integration with other Government agencies Ex. Police or Ministry of External Affairs
  • Connected environment with Country‚Äôs Consulates and Embassies across world and ability to issue Visa online
  • Ability to pay Visa fees online
  • Easy flexible enquiry and reporting capabilities
  • Secured application environment and information share between the stakeholders
  • Dashboard to the senior officials within the department or ministry