Enterprise Messaging

Enterprise Messaging

The fast evolving marketing industry has transformed and undergone a paradigm shift in its processes. Mobile marketing has become immensely popular and sought after for promotional and advertising purposes. It is a fast, reliable and a convenient way to reach your customers. It also eliminates geographical barriers, giving you the flexibility to reach your customers from anywhere and at any time. Experience the potential of seamless connectivity and interact with your customers like never before through enterprise messaging.

The enterprise messaging Service of AL TOMOUH is a cloud-based messaging service specifically designed for enterprises to securely send semantically precise messages between customers, employees and business partners.

The primary need of the Enterprises is to communicate with key stakeholders on a personal and timely fashion to remain competitive in the market. AL TOMOUH has developed a rich media messaging solution to adequately safeguard the personal and corporate information carrier through proper authentication in the system.

Why Enterprise messaging?

Enterprise messaging is one of the most convenient ways of sending a large volume of messages to people from anywhere and at any time. It offers many benefits including:

What makes us unique?

We offer innovative and exceptional services to subscribers. Some of the reasons why our services are unique are as follows: