Achieve a futuristic and secured nation and empower the people
Solution Overview

The world over countries are facing challenges with respect to social, political, economic and security related matters due to limited resources, greater scrutiny, and limited information dissemination across.

AL TOMOUHs’ eNation Platform provides completely open source based solution to achieve IT enabled nation to deliver enhanced experience to the citizen revolves around citizen lifecycle and the serves expected in each phase of his/her life. Services are built or rendered with a focus on citizen rather than the government mechanism or priorities.

Every citizen in a country expects reliable and predictable services from the government with established accountability within. Good Governance is one of the foundations for nation building. While the laws and policies are made in the Parliament by the law makers, the governments of the day can provide good governance to their citizen by using emerging open technologies to promote transparency and greater citizen engagement by making more government data, documents, tools and processes publicly available through an open source IT platform i.e. thru implementation of Open Government. As information is power and Open Governance enables transfer of power to the citizen providing seamless data sharing. Good Governance also means empowering people.

While government delivers the services to the citizen, it has the responsibility of national security, law and order to make sure that its own citizen and the people visiting the country are safe, secured and comfortable. In addition, governments have major focus on building strong economy and socio-economic development of its people. A simplified governance, reduction of redtapism, effective processes and tools for businesses to establish their operations resulting in employment for its citizen and also to have check on corruption by providing easy interfacing with the government and its regulations. The transformation in service delivery based on the citizen requirement enhances the customer experience as below.

eNation platform provides and web-based applications using latest tools and technologies, browser independent and fully UNICODE enabled. They will be interfaced with Single-Sign-On Service with explicit roles and responsibilities defined for each user in each application, thus enabling users to access the entire suite of applications with a single log in.

eNation Benefits
  • AL TOMOUH eNation platform provides an integrated solution to improve the basic foundation for strong economy through IT enabled good governance and national security.
Benefits of the solution
  • Connected government (Federal to State to District or County)
  • Effective internal communication platform
  • Enabled environment for good governance
  • Enhanced inter-departmental communication
  • Quick information exchange across all stakeholders
  • Holistic data model for effective service delivery
  • Better access to information and quality service for citizen
  • Simple, efficient and accountable services from the government
  • Technology independent platform
  • Faster implementation for quick results
  • Less total cost of ownership as it is built on open source technology

To learn more about eNation platform from AL TOMOUH which can help increase the overall efficiency effectiveness of government process, collaboration and communication between the government, business and the citizen, contact us today.